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Personnel policy


  • Belam believes that the personnel of the company largely contribute to the success of the company in the market. The crucial criteria for any of Belam’s positions are knowledge, potential and aspiration for best results. We pay great attention to development, professional growth and involvement of the staff members with the company’s life.
  • The personnel policy of the company is aimed at development of well-qualified team capable of fast and efficient achievement of targets of any complexity level. To achieve this goal, the company provides comfortable and convenient conditions for the staff members. Great attention is paid to occupation safety, development of individual motivation and compliance with the standards accepted in the company.
  • Special attention is paid to training and professional development programmes, including self-training programmes, trainings, seminars, and in-company training programmes.
  • Due to continuous development of professional strength, knowledge and skills of the staff members the company keeps extending the scope of services offered to the customers. This is the reason for Belam’s leadership in the market.