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Indistrial Engeeniring

Industrial engineering

System-wide approach to project management

Cooperating with STC BELAM you obtain integrated industrial engineering solutions.

STC BELAM performs the duties of:

General Designer

  • engineering of industrial equipment
  • designing of industrial projects

General Supplier

  • supply of equipment and spare parts to the site

General Contractor

  • construction
  • installation
  • commissioning

The services of General Designer

  • collection of full set of initial data
  • geological survey works and survey works
  • preparation of terms of reference for deigning and for international tenders;
  • development design documents
  • know-how conveyance

The services of General Supplier

  • industrial equipment supplies from any country of the world
  • customs clearance
  • professional advice
  • supplies of complete plant equipment and spare parts

STC BELAM undertakes equipment supplies with support at all stages including supply logistics:

  • HV equipment
  • LV equipment
  • Low current systems equipment
  • Shut-off valves
  • Pumps
  • PDH and SDH communication equipment based on Nortel, Micron telecommunication equipment and other manufacturers
  • Supply of control & instrumentation including power operated shut-off and control valves
  • Formed parts of pipelines
  • Valves for maintenance pipelines of oil processing and petrochemical plants
  • Miscellaneous mechanical and maintenance equipment другое
  • Construction and special-purpose equipment
  • Drilling including complete mobile plants, drill-pipes, pipe casings and washpipes, downhole equipment, drilling mud cleaning and reclamation systems and other equipment
  • Consumables
The services of General Contractor
  • consulting
  • geological survey works and survey works
  • construction management
  • construction, installation and commissioning
  • construction quality management
  • warranty operation support
  • on-site construction supervision
  • training and personnel development
  • assistance in production management
  • site operation during warranty perio