Belam llc operates on industrial engineering and telecommunication markets since 1996.

Technology and

In our work we rely on our vast experience, but always trend towards innovation. Knowledge of cutting edge technologies is the key to success.

Workplace and
environmental security

We do everything in our power to make industrial process safe for the community and the environment.

Industrial engineering
Security and surveillance systems
Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
Design and installation of communication systems
Firefighting and fire alarm systems
Heat supply and heating systems

Belam llc provides security system services:

  • Project development
  • Supply of equipment
  • Construction, installation and pre-commissioning of surveillance and security systems.
  • Construction and assembly of security facilities.
  • Supply and installation of external security instruments (fences, barbed wire, reinforced barbed tape)

Belam llc provides design and installation of:

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Air offtakes
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation equipment
  • Fire dampers
  • Smoke removal systems
  • Fireproofing of the air offtakes, ventilation system motors, automatic relays.

Belam llc provides design and installation of communication systems:

  • Automatic telephone exchange
  • Microwave communication networks
  • Fiberglass communication networks
  • Cable networks structuring
  • Local computation networks

Belam llc provides fire alarm and firefighting systems:

  • Project design
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation of fire alarm and firefighting systems

Belam llc conducts design, installation and pre-commissioning of:

  • Heat supply and heating systems
  • Heating systems equipment
  • Indoor heating system piping
  • Air convectors, air heating and air circulation equipment

Security and surveillance systems

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Design and installation of communication systems

Firefighting and fire alarm systems

Heat supply and heating systems

Fuel and energy complex

Belam llc partners with Inter RAO UES branches since 2002.

List of facilities, constructed with participation of Belam llc includes Kaliningrad TPS-2, Ivanovo GRES, Ujnaja TPS in Saint-Petersburg, Cherepetsk GRES and many other Fuel and Energy complex facilities.

We have conducted the following works at those facilities:
  • supply and installation of equipment
  • Construction
  • pre-commissioning
  • construction and maintenance of engineering networks

We have accumulated a vast experience in our years of practice and are always looking forward to new cooperation opportunities in this field.

Government procurement

Belam llc cooperates with the Government since 2002.

Main focus – pre-commissioning and construction and telecommunication sphere.

Side activities – construction and reconstruction of State level facilities.


20 years in buisness

7 countries

300 projects

directions of

Fuel and energy complex

Construction, installation, kitting, pre-commissioning

Government procurement

Data transfer systems, construction

Internal access communication systems

We have developed and implemented:
  • Unified Telecommunication system for department of internal affairs of Russian Federation (47 states).
  • “Safe City” system in Makhachkala.
  • Clustered data transfer systems for State border control in Altai krai and Chelabinsk.
  • Internal multifunction communication network for Federal Drug Control Service of Russia.

Railroad communication systems.

Conducted works:
  • Upgrade of communication networks for CIS railroads.
  • Installation of p2p communication equipment
  • Installation and pre-commissioning of communication equipment

Following of international
communication standarts.

Cutting edge solutions, based on
technologies tested with time.

for our domestic
and foreign

Railroad communication systems

Commonwealth of Independent States

Internal access communication

Russian Federation governing organs

Robotization of production
construction and
trade and warehouses
we robotizier of the company and
institutions on the basis of foreign
and domestic robots

Наши партнеры и поставщики:

energy and
Completed projects
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